Serendipity Maboroshi
Delirio lleno de pequeños sucesos e ilusiones inesperadas y
gratificantes. MEX

Delirium full of little
unexpected events and gratifying illusions.

Galia de la Rosa



PPQ Fall 2013.

Ooooh! it’s worst jump start ever by Jorge
What’ s wrong with his mind?

Possibly the best (read: funniest) commentary I’ve seen on the whole Jorge debacle
I wasn’t thinking and was distracted and I made a big mistake in the start. I just tried to push at the maximum afterwards to get the best result but the race was almost over for me. I want to say sorry to the team as I destroyed my race, but at least I didn’t crash because it was a difficult situation with the tension and it was easy to make a mistake and get injured. The good thing is that I finished the race and got my first points in the championship but clearly it wasn’t our weekend.
Jorge Lorenzo on his jump-start (x)
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Hope sees the invisible,
feels the intangible,
and achieves the

Charles Caleb Colton (via mmaquotes)